Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jax & River
Turned out to be a beautiful afternoon for a pool party.
 Finn & Townes

 10 silly boys made for a lot of laughs!
 Luke...I am your father!
 Lesson learned: A pull-string pinata doesn't hold up to a wack of the stick!  Jackson went first and it the goodies went flying on wack #3!  He was super pleased.  Big bummer for the line behind him.

What a fun time!  It was so cool to see these funny boys hang out.  Most of them have been friends for several years.  Between the 10 of them, they go to 3 different schools, but when they get together, it's like they never left off!  
Jackson's quote "I can't believe I'm 8".  Well, guess what?  NEITHER CAN WE!!!!!  

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